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APC | All Purpose Cleaner

APC | All Purpose Cleaner

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hyperCLEAN All Purpose Cleaner is one of the most versatile cleaners on the market. Our APC is highly effective at removing tough soiling on leather, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. Powerful cleaning agents in our formula will break down and lift some of the heaviest grime. 

  • Works Great on the Entire Interior
  • Can be Diluted to Fit Your Cleaning Needs
  • Most Versatile Cleaner on the Market

hyperCLEAN APC is so versatile that it can be diluted to tackle the toughest grime but also the most delicate cleaning you may need. Our APC with an interior brush is a powerful combination to create a foaming action that will leave a spotlessly clean surface.

Directions & Dilution Recommendations: 

For light cleaning spray APC directly on your towel and gently wipe the surface. After application flip to a dry side of the towel and wipe the surface clean. For heavier cleaning spray down the surface and agitate with a Scrub Monster and then wipe the area clean. Our 16oz bottle comes ready to use for your convenience.

Suggested dilutions: Light Soiling: 5:1 , Medium Soiling: 3:1 , Heavy Soiling: 1:1. For an extremely gentle interior cleaner 10:1 dilution works well.

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