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Cleanse | Purifying Paint Prep Shampoo

Cleanse | Purifying Paint Prep Shampoo

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hyperCLEAN Cleanse is a one-of-a-kind car shampoo that allows you to prep the paint or coated surface. The advantage of using Cleanse is being able to strip the surface of any oil, traffic film, and road grime without harming the surface like most harsh alkaline-based shampoos. Cleanse rinses from the surface very easily and will not leave behind any harsh soap residue or silicones that will interfere with your coating or paint correction steps. 

  • Use as a Prep Shampoo For a Coating Application 
  • Modern Surfactants Provide an Extremely Deep Clean Without a Risk of Damaging the Surface
  • Intense Lubrication to Provide a Safe Wash While Deep Cleaning the Surface
  • Leaves the Surface Free From Silicones or Other Interfering Products

hyperCLEAN Cleanse is the perfect shampoo to help you simplify your detailing process. Use it to prep for a coating application, paint correction, PPF application, or even bring a neglected ceramic coating back to life. We also suggest using it if you are cleaning up a very dirty vehicle to help speed up the process and help give it a deep clean.


Simply add 1-2 ounces to a foam cannon and a wash bucket. This is a product that you do not need a lot of product because a little goes a long way! Pre Rinse the vehicle and then foam the surface with hyperCLEAN Cleanse and watch it work.

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